End-to-End Expense Reporting

End-To-End Expense Tracker App

An expense tracker app that’s easy from start to finish

A lot goes into filing an expense report and expense report management. Filling in information by hand is tedious, frustrating, and prone to error. DATABASICS Expense draws together all the pieces. The result is cloud-based expense tracker app that makes expense reporting easier and more accurate.

End-to-End Expense Tracker App

Tracking expenses is easy with this cloud-based expense tracker app

expense tracker app from start to finish Purchase Transaction Capture
Receipts, booking data, and corporate cards are the building blocks of an expense report. With this innovative expense tracker app, all data are right there for you. Just choose the items you want to include. It’s as simple as that.

Expense reporting accounting integration Accounting Integration
DATABASICS Expense is a cloud-based expense reporting solution that offers accounting code normalization. Plus, this expense tracker app makes it easy for employees to be compliant with built-in business rules.  It’s automated and fully controlled.

pre-trip travel authorizations expense tracker app Travel Pre-Trip Authorization
Better control travel spend. Ensure that your business travelers are compliant with your company’s travel spend policies. Track your spending for everything from airline class to the cost of the ticket automatically  against approved budgets and travel policies.

integrate HR system with expense reporting system HR Integration
Cloud-based DATABASICS Expense seamlessly integrates with your HR system. It also captures and tracks the traveler data, offering a full audit trail. Use the Audit Module in conjunction with our Policy Engine to report on and make decisions. As a result, you can effectively control spend and achieve compliance.

budget and analytics for expense tracker app Budgeting & Analytics
Feedback is at core of process improvement. Measure, compare, adjust to make the data you collect actionable. Travel data can be analyzed according to relevant project, accounting, organizational, or even HR classifications. Our user friendly expense tracker app helps organizations manage budgets directly and save money.

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