T&E Expense Management

T&E Expense Management

Control costs and make travelers happier

Save time & money with an end-to-end T&E expense management system built for real people in the real world. DATABASICS Expense assists users and approvers through the whole process, from before to after the trip. Better manage and control travel spend with mobile, global technology that streamlines processes for the end user and empowers approvers and executives.

Automated T&E Expense Management

T&E expense management software that simplifies the expense reporting process.

T&E expense management software needs to fulfill the requirements of three essential groups: business travelers who will be using the systems, approvers who need the functionality to manage travelers’ expense reports, and executives like CFOs, CEOs, and accounting managers who want to cut down on costs.

That’s why excellent T&E expense management software can be so hard to find: rarely does a system accommodate all departments. DATABASICS Expense takes T&E management to the next level, providing travels, approvers, and executives with the right tool to meet the requirements and challenges of their job.

Travelers must have DATABASICS Expense because:

  • It’s an easy-to-use intuitive solution that can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere
  • Instant expense reports are a snap with Receipt EXPRESS technology that allows them to take a picture and auto-fill their reports using OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Reimbursement is fast & easy using direct deposit (ACH)
  • Training and on-boarding is minimal so they don’t need to waste time learning a new system
  • The mobile app makes capturing and managing receipts a breeze
  • Managing per diems is easier than ever with a system that auto calculates GSA CONUS/OCONUS and other rates

Approvers and managers want DATABASICS Expense because:

  • Approving expense reports is easy with a system that validates automatically against policies
  • Trips can be pre-authorized based on your requirements, whether that’s airline class or hotel spend, for more control
  • Receipts are electronic, which means that they can’t be lost or damaged while waiting for processing
  • The mobile app provides full functionality and flexibility to enter and approve reports from their mobile devices
  • Administrator overrides with a full audit trail gives admins the power to approve or deny with complete audit visibility

Executives & CFOs love DATABASICS Expense because:

  • Improved program compliance reduces travel spend and prevents fraud
  • Industry-leading reporting and analytics increase visibility & provide actionable insights
  • Full integrations with accounting, payroll, and travel systems bring all essential systems together
  • Configurable carry-over rules provide full transparency and control
  • Accurate mileage/kilometer tracking with commute miles gives precise point-to-point calculations preventing spend leakage
  • Costs are cut all around, up to 67%, when employees and approvers spend less time submitting and managing expense reports
  • Reports on spending patterns provide information about where spending is the highest and where costs can be cut
  • The audit module provides the insights needed to add or change procedures and policies

Uncover valuable employee spend data and trends through robust reporting.

Gain real-time visibility into rules & policies with up-to-date balances, resource availability, analyze policies and spend patterns with full compliance.

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