T&E Expense Management

T&E Expense Management

Control costs and make travelers happier

Save both time and money with T&E expense management. DATABASICS Expense assists from not only after, but also before the trip. If you need to better manage travel spend, then this is the solution for you.

T&E Expense Management

Travel expense reporting for travel expense control.

T&E expense management software needs to make everyone happy. That means not only business travelers who use the system, but also approvers who need to track expenses. Also, executives like CFOs, CEOs, and accounting managers need to cut down on costs.

However, powerful T&E expense management software can be hard to find. DATABASICS Expense takes T&E spend management to the next level. Specifically, we give travelers, approvers, and executives the right tool to meet each of their needs.

Travelers like us because:
  • It’s an easy-to-use intuitive solution. Also, it can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere.
  • Instant expense reports are a snap. Firstly, Receipt EXPRESS allows them to take a picture. Then, they can auto-fill their reports using OCR. As a result, T&E processes have never been easier.
  • Reimbursement is fast & easy. Reimburse employees and employee expenses quickly. We make it easy using direct deposit (ACH).
  • Training and on-boarding is minimal. So, you can cut operational costs from training. With this travel and entertainment management system, employees don’t waste time onboarding.
  • The mobile app makes capturing expense reimbursement easy.

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Approvers and managers want DATABASICS Expense because:
  • Approving expense reports is easy. Reduce costs from manual policy enforcement.
  • Trips can be pre-authorized. Whether it’s rules for airline class or hotel spend, you get more control over employee travel costs.
  • Managing per diems is easier than ever.
  • Receipts are electronic. Accordingly, they can’t be lost or damaged while waiting for processing.
  • The mobile app provides approval of reports using any mobile device.
  • A full audit trail tracks admins and employees.
Executives & CFOs love DATABASICS T&E Expense because:
  • Automated compliance leads to cost savings. Also, compliance prevents fraud.
  • Reporting can be sent right to their inbox.
  • Direct integrations also bring all essential systems together
  • Accurate mileage/kilometer tracking significantly speeds up reimbursement. In addition, commute mileage gives point-to-point calculations to avoid waste.
  • Costs are cut all around. For example, up to 67% of costs can be cut. That’s because employees and approvers spend less time submitting and managing expense reports.
  • The audit module is easy and powerful. Get the insights needed to add or change procedures and policies.

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