End Users

End Users

Time and Expense for end users

Time and Expense for End Users

Gain employee satisfaction, increase productivity, and effortlessly follow business rules

End users need an easy-to-use system that gets the job done faster. They want a Time and Expense for end users solution that reduces administrative fatigue, decreases data entry errors, and makes their everyday work tasks easier. With the latest in mobile tech, employees are always connected, allowing them to log their time and file expense reports from their desktop or through the device already in their pocket.

Using our mobile app, employees are more productive while on the go through instant expense reports that use OCR technology to auto-fill information, leaving users with only the simple task of verification before hitting submit. Plus, the automated system gives employees real-time access to their accrued time off, simplifying the process of requesting. Employees are happier when they are given the tools to make their job easier.

Did you know that 92% of employees say that having the technology to do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction?

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