Project Tracking

Project Time Tracking & Expense Tracking

Track time & expenses to projects, clients, and contracts

Time and reimbursable expenses must be tracked accurately and with all the detail you need. That’s where project tracking to the contract, client, or activity level comes in. Track labor and spend to any level of contract or project.

Project Time & Expense Tracking

Time tracker and expense reporting for projects of any size

DATABASICS Time and Expense is designed to meet the needs of mid-size to global enterprises. It’s a highly flexible, scalable project tracking software solution. Plus, it’s easily configured to meet your company’s most demanding business requirements. From job costing to project time management, payroll, and billing, your processes will be controlled and managed in the same system.

Key benefits include:

  • Project management time tracking/billing: Easily keep accurate track of billable hours down to the billable seconds with this time tracking software
  • Project expense management: With easy cost allocation & project budgeting, project cost management and analysis is made simpler
  • All-in-one time and expense projects: Gain full visibility of project activities, from job costing to project management, payroll, and billing, your processes will work and reside together
  • Full compliance for T&E reporting: From business rules to DCAA and FAR with Federal Travel Regulations, we’ve got you covered
  • GPS tracking: Capture and validate an employee’s location through GPS & IP addresses (with mobile and desktop solution)
  • Mobile app: Enter time and expenses anywhere. DATABASICS Time & Expense is fully mobile
  • Easy global expense per diem management: Per diem allowances are automatically updated within the system
  • Project configuration: There’s no need to “fill out” projects with extra levels to match the structure of a job
  • Complete control: All levels are active, so you can scope to any level, even restricting who can enter charges
  • Code normalization: A single set of codes avoids synchronization problems with a cross-vendor system
  • Easy system input: Powerful defaulting means that data entry is automated, saving time and energy
  • Team member project management: With Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) management, projects can be broken down, creating a foundation for project planning

DATABASICS Time + Expense is the complete project tracking solution. It’s easy to use, supports simple and complex projects, and streamlines processes.

Download Case Study: How to Manage Complex Project Tracking

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