Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Innovative cloud-based employee time tracking software

DATABASICS Time & Attendance takes the pain out of monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection with a global timesheet solution that gives you the visibility to maximize your resources. Our global automated time and attendance system enables control of labor costs, minimizes compliance risk, and improves workforce productivity.

Time & Attendance

Simplify your timesheet management process with time & attendance cloud-based software.

Time is money and keeping accurate track of billable hours—and even billable seconds—is imperative for organizations to measure their services in all time increments.

DATABASICS Time & Attendance (through the Start/Stop Module) is enterprise time and attendance tracking software that enables firms to measure time-in and time-out for any specific project to ensure accurate and timely billing, creating an audit trail for clients and regulators.

Some key features of our online global, mobile employee time tracking software are:

  • Start/Stop function: Track time/spend for each specific project or client
  • Auto-stop function: A fail-safe technology that asks users to stop at a specific time, ensuring accurate input
  • Real-time visibility: With cloud-based timesheet software, you get real-time insight into your employee labor data
  • Project Tracking: Keep accurate track of billable hours down to the billable seconds
  • Auditability: Enables reporting and data-capture tools to leave a full audit trail for auditors and regulators, providing actionable insights
  • Precision: Cloud-based timesheet management software ensures accuracy in payroll and reduction of errors
  • Business rules and compliance: Best-in-breed technology reduces fraud and allows you to input your business and statutory policies letting the system do the heavy lifting
  • GPS & IP address tracking: Captured data verifies the end user’s information for enhanced security measures
  • Geo-fencing: Know not only when employees clock in, but where they clock in too
  • Fraud prevention: Geo-fencing with GPS/IP Address tracking ensures that employees are not “buddy punching”

Analytics that provide business intelligence actionable insights.

Customizable reporting tools that provide insights to making better business decisions.

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