Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Time and attendance tracking software for employee time tracking

Our employee time and attendance tool helps you track labor and collect data. This time and attendance solution lets you make the most of your employee talent. Automate time tracking. Control labor costs. Minimize compliance risk. Improve productivity.

Employee Time and Attendance

Simpler time and attendance tracking software

Time is money. So, you need to keep accurate track of billable hours.

DATABASICS Time & Attendance is employee time and attendance tracking software. This time and attendance system also tracks time to projects and ensure accurate and timely billing. In addition, this creates an audit trail for clients and regulators.

Some key features of time and attendance software are:

  • Start/stop function: Track time/spend for each specific project or client.
  • Auto-stop function: Asks users to stop at a specific time. Consequently, you ensure accuracy.
  • Real-time visibility: Get real-time insight into your employee labor data.

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  • Project tracking: Track billable hours down to the billable second.
  • Audit: Leave a full audit trail for auditors and regulators. In addition, you get actionable insights.
  • Precision: Ensures accuracy in payroll. As a result, you can reduce errors.
  • Compliance: Prevent and catch fraud. Input your policies and let the system do the work.
  • GPS & IP address tracking: Verify the end user’s information with enhanced security measures.
  • Geo-fencing: Know not only when employees clock in, but where they clock in too.
  • Fraud prevention: Prevent employees from “buddy punching.”

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