Automated cloud-based Time & Expense software that scales with your business

Our time and expense solution integrates with a broad range of travel, financial, and HR systems. As a result, you get a centralized solution with real-time visibility. The integration capabilities of DATABASICS answers your toughest business requirements and scales with you.

Time And Expense Integrations

Supporting past, present, and future systems. We integrate with most major ERP, HRIS, accounting, payroll, travel or CRM systems, giving you seamless integrations.

From past to present

You’ve already made decisions about your system. DATABASICS integrates with your current systems. However, if you’re looking for a right-now solution that’s ready to integrate with your current systems, DATABASICS is your answer.

DATABASICS is beside you as you grow. As you change, we adapt to your needs. With unmatched flexibility, open architecture, and scalability, the decision to work with us has made your job easier. As a result, you can focus on you, not your systems.

Much like a chameleon, DATABASICS is adaptable to your environment already in place. In addition, we’re ready to help you build the tomorrow you’re still working on. Let’s build a trusted partnership that will go well into the future.

Adaptive to your needs

Maybe you’ve grown on your own. Perhaps you’re expanding through a merger/acquisition. No matter what, here’s what you can rely on with DATABASICS:

  • Your needs will change. We’re ready for that.
  • The world is a changing place. We’re ready for that.
  • Your organization is complex. We’re ready for that.
  • You need a partner without the workarounds. We’re ready for that.
  • Your business is a unique eco-system with specific needs. We’re ready for that.

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