Community Sponsorship


Better Together is More Than a Tagline

A guiding theme for DATABASICS is “Better Together.”  This applies to our products, how we work, our customer relationships and how we engage with our local community. Helping out where we can is important to us personally.  We also believe that it’s an obligation of an organization like DATABASICS, that owes much of its success to the advantages of being in Northern Virginia, to support the greater community. Northern Virginia is wealthy and vibrant. It is also home to people facing enormous challenges. We wanted to reach out to them in a way that met three conditions: (1) our money and efforts would be efficiently channeled to directly helping people; (2) our partner would be well-respected with an established track record of accomplishment and; (3) our diverse workforce would feel entirely comfortable working with our partner towards mutual goals.

After evaluating a number of outstanding options, we decided to partner with Cornerstones, a nonprofit organization based in Reston, Virginia that provides support and advocacy for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare and other human services. Cornerstones easily met all of our criteria and we are committed to going forward “Better Together” with them.

To learn more about Cornerstones, visit

DATABASICS and Cornerstones Produce Donation
DATABASICS provided fresh produce for food distribution to over 300 families at the Cornerstones Reston Pantry.
Cornerstones Food Pantry Pickup
Volunteers at Cornerstones’ Reston Pantry hand out food to families in the Reston area.