Elevate Your Construction Environment with Automated Time Tracking and Expense Management

Real-time, accurate Construction time tracking and expense reporting software

In Construction organizations, you deal with a lot of moving parts over a large area. That’s why we offer a simple, flexible solution to help you manage workers in a wide variety of roles, whether they’re seasonal or site-specific. With DATABASICS Time & Expense, you get automated time tracking and expense management combined into a single system that is unmatched for visibility, flexibility, ease of use, and value. The result is smarter resource management at a predictable cost.

DATABASICS integrates with leading accounting systems, including a certified integration with Sage Intacct Construction, Microsoft Dynamics (D365), and Oracle NetSuite, allowing you to automate expense reports, leave management and timesheets for your employees with just a few clicks. You get a tight bi-directional integration that can manage dimensions including Cost Type, Employee Position, Labor Class, Shift, and Union.

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How Databasics Helps Construction

Automate time and expense in one solution

Give your construction employees a single, automated solution for accomplishing all their labor and expense reporting tasks.

Multiple time entry options

DATABASICS gives you the tools to support varying time entry requirements including crew timesheets. Enter multiple users’ time for one day, helping you maintain correct billable hours, analyze costs, institute flexible workflows, and integrate seamlessly with critical systems.

Gain control of your construction jobs

DATABASICS Time & Expense provides an easy-to-use application that captures all dimensions of construction labor and expenses within a single mobile app or web interface. The result is an all-in-one time/expense/leave system that supports your staff with the most efficient and simplified way to track time and expenses.

Eliminate manual processes

DATABASICS Time & Expense eliminates manual processes, such as spreadsheets, and streamlines the entire process for tracking and reporting construction time, leave, and expenses. This will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the success of your projects.

Support your job costing requirements

With DATABASICS Time & Expense, you will have access to real-time, accurate data that will allow you to make proactive decisions based on accurate and timely data. This will help you stay within budget and maximize the efficiency of your construction projects.

Implement geo-fencing

Know when and where your employees clock in or out. DATABASICS will generate a full audit trail using detailed GPS data for optimal cost savings, compliance, and control.

Go mobile anywhere

Your Time and Expense software should be as mobile as your employees are. Give your people the power to submit expense reports and track time with the device already in their pocket.

DATABASICS for your Construction Time and Expense Needs

When it comes to managing time and expense, “good enough” is never good enough. At DATABASICS, we believe in the power of better—in the power of better solutions driving better decisions for better results.

We know the challenges you face in the Construction industry. And we’re committed to helping you tackle those challenges with a time and expense solution that’s smarter, faster, and simply better than the rest.


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