Data Is Your New Best Friend Webinar

Webinar Replay - Hosted by Humentum

Humentum webinar replay - Data Is Your New Best Friend

Catch the replay of this webinar hosted by Humentum exploring how Labor and Expense data vs Time and Expense can better help nonprofits.

Data is one of the most vital inputs to a nonprofit’s mission. It provides insight into program performance, including utilization and funding source requirements. From funding and grants to program management, the ability to collect, review, analyze and communicate detailed data across the nonprofit can help improve efficiency while impacting the overall mission.

Viewers will learn how automated time tracking and expense software can streamline complex processes and provide an actionable snapshot of key operational data. Our nonprofit time and expense expert will cover a range of topics including:

  • How, rather than thinking of data as the enemy, you might start to consider it a friend
  • How to ensure that you’re meeting data tracking requirements, whether from funding sources or internal policies
  • How time spent on administrative tasks can be reduced by automating manual input processes
  • The importance of data in obtaining future grants;
  • How the ability to clearly track data can help you focus your efforts, gain support from funding sources, and better serve your organization’s needs

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