Empowering auditors with a secondary look through innovative expense software

The DATABASICS Expense Report Audit solution empowers auditors to review expense reports quickly and easily. Reports can be audited at any time after posting or as a final step prior to posting. Auditors need no special training to use DATABASICS Audit. It’s really that simple and intuitive.

Expense Report Audit

Make audit reviews easy with our expense report audit solution

With the mobile Expense Report Audit solution, organizations can perform audits themselves or contract out the process to a third party. It’s a smart system that can even “learn,” selecting reports from filers whose earlier reports have been flagged for designated reasons.

The web-based Expense Report Audit solution is designed to meet its customers’ needs as their needs change. With this future-proof solution, auditors have the freedom to explore and help refine policies as well as monitor compliance.

  • Ease of use: Receipts, transactions, and status are all presented in the same screen.
  • Configurability: Audit actions are configurable and include definition of result categories and messages, report/line-level flagging, and routing of notifications for increased compliance.
  • Best in Automation: Receipts are automatically matched to transactions for easy audits.
  • Flexibility: Highly flexible criteria, plus online reports can be automatically evaluated according to user-defined rules (including by role, policy violations, or by spend thresholds by Expense Type or total spend, and more).
  • Cloud-based Tracking: Access to a complete audit trail activity and access to the audit trail of system administrators and approvers, all on mobile & on the web.
  • Peace of Mind: Special security provisions for outsourcing.

Transaction & process auditing that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Analytics apply to both transaction validation and your process itself. Our auditing module provides tools for both, to inform you of employee trends and keep you aware of how policies need to evolve and change.

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