Expense Report Audit Solution

Empowering auditors through innovative expense report auditing

DATABASICS’ Audit Module is a powerful auditing solution. It provides auditors with a second look at expense report details, reports, and receipts. Expense reports can be audited at any time, whether before approval or after reimbursement. Auditors need no special training to use DATABASICS Audit. It’s really that simple and intuitive.

Expense Report Audit

Get more internal control with our expense report audit solution

According to an April 2015 Aberdeen Group report, companies need automation more than ever. This is especially true when it comes to the laborious and costly travel expense audit process.

Of those surveyed, “57% have poor visibility into spend & compliance, 38% need to reduce expense processing costs, 35% have no control over T&E spending, and 20% need to eliminate manual & paper processes.” The DATABASICS expense report audit solution is the answer to all of these challenges. Let the software do the heavy lifting. Free your fraud examiners to do the higher-level thinking about spend, processes, and how to make your money go farther.

Key benefits for approvers include:

  • Pre-trip authorization: Ensure policy compliance by requiring estimates before trips are authorized. Then, compare the estimate to the actual expense
  • Approvals & workflows: The approval process is streamlined
  • Automation: Receipts are and transactions are matched automatically. Duplicate expenses and mismatches of transactions are flagged
  • Policy compliance: Expenses automatically are validated against policy
  • Increased end user satisfaction: Employees are more satisfied when the expense report process is simpler and more streamlined

Learn more about travel expense audit procedures in our free guide:

Download Guide: Best Practices for Expense Report Audit Process

Auditors will see these key benefits:

  • More control: View the expense report audit trail of end users, system administrators, and everyone in between
  • Actionable insights through reporting: Uncover expense report fraud and get details about the effectiveness of your policies through annual audits
  • Decreased in-house labor: Securely outsource your expense report audits with special security provisions for subcontracting
  • Ad hoc investigations: Program a particular percentage of reports for automatic review
  • Reporting for your needs: Define criteria for report selection by user. This includes by role, unit, date, violation, spend thresholds, type, sequence, count, or random sample
  • Audit workload distribution: Workloads can be efficiently and fairly distributed among the auditing team
  • Policy categories: Color codes designate priority (red, yellow, & green) so that auditors know where to spend more time
  • No additional training: No special skills are needed to perform efficient, accurate expense report audits
  • Notifications and reporting: Auditors and end users get updates and alerts as their reports move through the system
  • Additional security provisions: Get detailed logs of unusual events like login attempts (with IP address and location)

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