Auditors & Approvers

Auditors & Approvers

Time and Expense for Auditors & Approvers

Automating the most burdensome tasks for auditors and approvers

Auditors and approvers have a big task before them: prevent fraud and process everything else as quickly as possible. That involves a lot of tiresome manual work, work that can now be automated and implemented at any time during the approval process. Timesheets and expense reports can be automatically validated against your requirements before they even arrive in your approval queue, leaving you only to inspect the exceptions.

Audits can also be performed after approvals, allowing you to review data and build custom reports to suit your needs. You can also run ad hoc (or random) reports or standard canned reports. This extra layer of auditing enforces compliance and gives you the information you’re looking for.

DATABASICS reduces the strain of managing auditing by hand, whether it’s employee timesheets or expense reports. Innovations in auditing automation can help you catch more fraud and reduce costs with less time and effort with Time and Expense for auditors and approvers.

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