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JD Edwards

DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Accounting

Our integration with JD Edwards combines two powerful systems into one centralized employee reporting hub. Provide your managers and admins with a smarter, more intuitive system that makes tracking time, expense, labor and compliance easy.

  • Quickly and easily enter time and expenses by customer, project or other dimensions
  • Control budgets and policies through analytics and automated compliance
  • Design rule-based workflows and enforce policies
  • Localize global reporting with multi-language, currencies, VAT, work rules and other capabilities
  • Achieve transparency with full auditability across the platform

DATABASICS and JD Edwards are simply better together, offering a unified system that solves and simplifies even the most complex challenges and processes. With these two powerful tools at your fingertips, you’ll have the flexibility and control you need to embrace the future with confidence.