Automated cloud-based Time & Expense software that scales with your business

DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Accounting / ERP

For many federal contractors, Deltek Costpoint is an indispensable tool for meeting the challenges of compliance. However, one challenge that Costpoint does not meet is offering end-users a time and expense reporting solution that measures up to today’s user experience standards.

DATABASICS Time & Expense, with proven Costpoint integration, has everything you need for compliance and everything you expect from a cloud-based solution. By combining Costpoint and DATABASICS, federal contractors assure themselves of the control and ease of use essential to efficient operations.

Here is how the integration works: DATABASICS brings in Department, Employee, Project, Task, and Project Assignment data. approved/validated data can be sent back into your Deltek system. Expense reports and P-Card data go to Deltek’s AP Preprocessor and timesheet data goes into Deltek’s Labor Preprocessor. It’s that simple. The process is seamless, automated, and incorporates full accounting controls.

Benefits of the DATABASICS Time & Expense integration with Deltek are clear:

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