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Expense Reporting

Reimburse faster with online expense reporting software

Expense report software makes expense payment faster and simpler. Firstly, it’s global and comes with a mobile app. In addition, it directly integrates into your current systems.

Why automate expense reporting?

Easy Expense report software Data Entry  Easily Create Expense Reports
Create expense reports with just a few clicks.

    Better Budgeting
Stop guessing about your finances. First, upload your budget spreadsheet. Then, let us do the rest.

Expense report software Workflow & Policy Enforcement  Match Your Company Structure
Approve expense reports your way. As a result, you better manage expense reports.

Expense Reporting & Audit  Audit Expense Reports
Auditors can review expense reports quickly and easily. Furthermore, reports can be audited at any time. For instance, you can audit whenever you need.

Expense Reporting Receipt Capture & Express Reporting Options   Manage Receipts
Receipt EXPRESS provides instant expense reporting. To begin, take a photo of your receipts the data. Next, your expense report is filled in automatically.

Expense Reporting Mileage Reimbursement  Track Mileage
Google Maps provides mileage calculations. As a result, manual expense reporting effort is reduced. Moreover, payments become transparent.

Expense Reporting & Analytics  Get Reports In Your Inbox
Instant insight improves expense reporting. For instance, get reports on credit cards, vendor spend, and departments.

Expense Reporting Project Tracking  Track Projects To Expenses
Connect projects to expenses. Likewise, our project management tools give you powerful data.

Expense Reporting & Per-diem Management  Manage Per Diems
Given that per diems can be so complex, we manage them with you. For example, we help with per diems defined by statue or negotiated with unions.

Expense report software Payment & Reimbursement  Faster Payment
Quickly and easily reimburse your employees. How? Automated expense reimbursement with direct deposit.

Keep Employees Engaged
Firstly, you can notify employees of expense report status. In addition, managers see the most essential data for making decisions.

  Streamline Accounts & Codes
Support many structures in a single system. Map codes to a common structure. As a result, the back end accounting team is happy.

Expense Reporting Mobile App   Track Expenses On The App
Submit and approve expense reports anywhere.

Expense Reporting Implementation & Support  Personalized Support
We’re people. You’re people. By all means, let’s be people together. As a result, we are with you all the way. For instance you have a dedicated project manager at all times. To that end, you’re always with someone who knows you.

Global requirements met with DATABASICS Time & Expense Reporting software   If You’re Global, We’ve Got You Covered
We help with your global needs. This expense reimbursement solution supports it all. For instance, we support international laws, taxes, languages, currencies, and standards.

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How It Works

Get our timesheet & expense reporting app on your mobile device.

Submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, or other mobile device!

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