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Build expense reports directly from receipts with DATABASICS’ receipt app feature, Receipt EXPRESS. It’s as easy as taking a picture! DATABASICS does the manual data entry for you through our innovative OCR (optical character recognition) technology. As a result, users can create expense reports instantly.

Receipt EXPRESS: A receipt app

Automated receipt capture for simplified business expense tracking.

Receipts can become the bane of any employee’s work existence. Keeping track of tiny pieces of paper receipts is a challenge. Then, having to enter them manually is a task no one envies. Then, once expense reports are filed, approvers and administrators have to dig their way out from under a mountain of receipts. It’s a mess of paperwork and manual labor.

With Receipt EXPRESS, you can build expense reports directly from receipts on your mobile app. Our receipt scanner “reads” the receipt information from pictures of receipts. Then, OCR technology fills in the expense report information. This receipt scanning app saves time and reduces errors. It fills in fields such as Date, Amount, Vendor, and Type of Expense. Plus, Receipt EXPRESS matches associated corporate credit card transactions (if any) for you too.


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Key features of our Receipt EXPRESS:

  • Receipt manager: Receipt app to easily capture, store, and manage receipts within the system;
  • Easy submission: Submit receipts by email. Or you can scan, fax, or take a picture with expense reporting done the way you want it;
  • Accuracy: Scanned receipts and credit card transactions are precisely matched to ensure the most accurate reporting without the manual work;
  • Flexibility: Use the receipt tracking app or the desktop interface to quickly and easily manage and file expense reports;
  • The latest technology: OCR for receipt capture is the latest and greatest in pattern recognition and computer vision;
  • Automation: Let OCR “read” the data from the receipt tracker and input the data for you based on the fields you configure;
  • Auditability: Reports and data-capture tools create auditable information to ensure compliance.

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