Cloud-based timesheets & time tracking

Whether your company is a “rising star” or global enterprise, employee time and attendance tracking can be a hassle, especially if you’re manually managing timesheets, employee leave, projects, and reporting. That’s where DATABASICS’ time tracking software comes in.

Time Tracking Software

Cloud-based timesheets for the modern workforce

DATABASICS offers a time and attendance software system with all the answers to help you remain in firm control of one of your organization’s most critical systems. This is especially important because employee activity is vital to processes like payroll, HR, cost accounting, project accounting, billing, and compliance among others. DATABASICS Time is cloud timesheet software that lets you capture all the dimensions these processes require at the same time. The result is that time tracking software makes the user experience as easy and efficient as possible.

time tracking software in the cloudCloud-Based Timesheet Entry
With this time tracking software, entering time is simple, quick, and accurate with our cloud-based timesheet software. Take advantage of adjustable time periods defaults (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, weekly end-of-the month, and user definable period), code filters, policy enforcement, and localizations. In no time at all, users can file a clean report.

Workflow & Policy Enforcement for time tracking software Workflow & Policy Enforcement
Define the approval workflow and compliance rules to fit your business operations. DATABASICS Time is unmatched in its flexibility with this innovative employee time tracking software.

project and payroll control for time tracking softwareProject & Payroll Control
Take the guesswork out of billing for business projects and enforcing payroll and time tracking policies. With our time tracking software, you can control complex projects and resources, and ensure adherence to policy.

Real-time Visibility with time tracking softwareReal-time Visibility
Access timesheet data anywhere, anytime, on any device, from missing timesheets and time entry verification to billing and work analyses.

leave management with time tracking software Employee Leave Management
Take control of employee time-off with DATABASICS Employee Leave Management. It has the flexibility and power to fully automate accruals, balance calculations, and policy enforcement. ​

time tracking software for global needsSupporting Global Requirements
DATABASICS Time has the flexibility to accommodate the full range of global requirements. The web-based DATABASICS employee platform supports international laws, taxes, languages, currencies, standards, business processes, policies, and integrations.

time tracking software with Reporting & AnalyticsReporting & Analytics
Gain insight into your data on labor, project, and payroll online whether you are a program or project manager, an administrator, or an executive.

time tracking software with Project TrackingProject Tracking
Control projects, and their resources, of any size, from the simplest to the most complex. Because the depth of work varies from project to project, so does the drill-down ability of DATABASICS Time and Expense.

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendance
Keeping accurate track of billable hours—and even billable minutes—is imperative for law firms, professional services firms, and others who measure their services in time increments.

notifications for time tracking software Notifications & Alerts
Users are quickly notified of their timesheet rejection or approval while managers can schedule reports and notifications for missing timesheets in their approval queue.

geo-fencing with time tracking softwareGeo-fencing
Following a complete audit trail, employers can input worksite coordinates and a radius to keep employees accountable for not only when they clock in, but where they clock in too.

Take the guess work out of your financial status with budgeting tools integrated right into DATABASICS Time. Just upload your budget via spreadsheet and let the system do the rest. Budget by period, level, project, work breakdown structure, or your custom needs.

time tracking software with Business Rules ComplianceBusiness Rules Compliance
The flexible policy engine runs timesheets against company policies and regulations to ensure that your business rules are being followed.

Implementation & Support for time tracking softwareImplementation & Support
Your dedicated support team is with you from configuration through implementation and after. You’re always working with someone who knows how your business operates.

time tracking software with mobile appsMobile App
From Apples to Androids, DATABASICS’ mobile apps let you submit and manage expenses, timesheets, and invoices from anywhere, at anytime.

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