Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR)

Time and Expense for HR

HR Timesheets and Expense Reporting

No more payroll & reimbursement headaches

HR leaders have a tough job. They need a tool that will solve their top pain point. Certainly, that pain point is manual data entry. Furthermore, no one wants to manage employee timesheets or expense reports by hand. Above all, HR leaders got into the business to work with humans, not spreadsheets.

In addition to manual entry, HR leaders are have three important functions. For example, HR is responsible for staffing and training. Likewise, they must help meet the basic needs of employees. Moreover, they need to protect the business through compliance.

DATABASICS simplifies managing data by hand. Employee timesheets and expense reports are made easier. As a result, you get back to doing what you do best.

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In addition, DATABASICS provides Timesheets and Expense Reporting tools for:

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