Sunshine Act

Sunshine Act

(The Open Payments Program)

The Sunshine Act (also known as The Open Payments Program) requires the collection and management of a new set of data. Companies that provide medical devices, supplies, or drugs to physicians or medical centers are required to report all payments and gifts to those customers. DATABASICS Expense is global cloud-based Sunshine Act reporting software that ensures HCP compliance with a proven solution for enterprise aggregate spend reporting.

Sunshine Act (Open Payments) Compliance

Make compliance easier with Open Payment Sunshine Act reporting software

Meeting the stringent Sunshine Act reporting requirements of the Sunshine Act while addressing all stages of the aggregate spend journey isn’t easy. With our mobile and web-based Sunshine Act reporting system, it can be easier.

Key benefits of our best-in-breed Sunshine Act compliance software include:

  • Auditability: Data is managed through a controlled, efficient, and auditable process;
  • Compliance: HCP reporting compliance and risk mitigation means no worries for the future;
  • Visibility: Get online real-time insight into aggregate spend reporting about your business;
  • Enhancements to expense: Take advantage of NPI file maintenance and tagging and distribution of costs across event attendees, payment filtering, and accumulation by payee.

Easily manage Sunshine Act data while keeping HCP-compliant.

With support for 3rd-party specifications and your own specifications, you have more control over aggregate spend and your bottom line.

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