Sunshine Act

Sunshine Act Reporting

(The Open Payments Program)

The Sunshine Act (also known as The Open Payments Program) requires the collection and management of a new set of data. DATABASICS Expense assists in managing this data. Get compliance with global Loi Bertrand (France) and EFPIA Disclosure Code (Europe)/Sunshine Act expense solutions. Ensure compliance with a proven solution for enterprise aggregate spend reporting.

Sunshine Act Reporting
(Open Payments/Physician Payments Program)

Open Payments Program Compliance Software

Meeting the challenging Sunshine Act-required reporting requirements isn’t easy. It also isn’t easy to address all stages of the aggregate spend journey at the same time. That’s where our mobile and web-based compliance & reporting system comes in. We help you tie expenses to the NPI database. That database includes health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and applicable manufacturers of drugs/medical devices to ensure accurate data. With connected data, you can meet Physician Payment Sunshine Act rules.

Key benefits of DATABASICS’ solution include:

  • Increased transparency: Capture and track special expenses related for transparent financial relationships
  • Precision: Create accurate reports of payment or transfer without the complication
  • Meet global requirements: Collect expense data for the EFPIA Disclosure Code across Europe and the Loi Bertrand in France
  • Auditability: Data is managed through a controlled, efficient, and auditable process
  • Compliance: HCP reporting compliance and risk mitigation means no worries for the future
  • Visibility: Get online real-time insight into aggregate spend reporting about your business
  • Sunshine act reporting expense enhancements: Comes with NPI registry file maintenance, tagging and distribution of costs across event attendees, payment filtering, and accumulation by payee

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