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Per diems vary based on the city because, as we all know, some cities are more expensive than others. Here, we bring together a list of the top business travel destinations and their per diems, particularly those with the highest per diems of 2017 (as assigned by the GSA).

Top 10 Business Travel Cities With Per Diem Rankings

  1. Chicago

    time and leave management in Chicago

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    Chicago ranks at the top of several lists for top business travel destinations. As a city with a booming technology industry in addition to already established financial, publishing, and engineering industries, it’s becoming a required location for companies to send employees to accomplish some business purpose.

    However, Chicago ranks #5 on the list of top per diems in the March 27, 2017 edition of Business Travel News:

    Hotel: $275.38

    M&I (meals and incidental expenses): $117.44

  2. San Francisco

    San Francisco time and leave management

    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Employees in the technology industry will probably find themselves headed toward San Francisco. With so much to explore, this city offers travelers a lot to see and do when they’re not in meetings, from the Golden Gate Bridge to spotting sea lions on the wharf and everything in between.

    The city ranks #2 of “U.S. Per Diems Ranked” by Business Travel News:

    Hotel: $379.37

    M&I: $107.71

  3. New York

    expense management in New York City

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    New York city shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s a major player in finance, publishing, and tourism among others. After your meetings, check out the latest hit on Broadway or enjoy the latest creation of flowers at the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park.

    New York is #1 on the Business Travel News list of ranked per diems:

    Hotel: $385.08

    M&I: $115.04

  4. Philadelphia

    Philadelphia time and expense reporting

    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    This one might be a surprise for number four of this list considering its association with the country’s founding, but it’s a hub for finance and the sciences too. It has an emerging millennial population with access to some of the most historic places of American’s past. Seeing Independence Hall and hearing stories of the (political and physical) battles can only inspire you to keep working hard for your organization.

    Interestingly, Philadelphia ranks #14 on the Business Travel News list of ranked per diems:

    Hotel: $225.59

    M&I: $47.41

  5. Phoenix

    Phoenix time and expense tracking

    Image Credit: Wikimedia

    This western city is where the technology and art scenes attract plenty of business travelers. The city is also full of museums that can’t be missed if you find yourself with extra time. Plus, you can soak up the sunshine guaranteed by this sunny city.

    At #46 of Business Travel News’s list of per diem rankings, Phoenix can still help you stretch your per diem dollar since its hotel costs are generally pretty reasonable:

    Hotel: $168.24

    M&I: $90.28

  6. Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City field service time tracking

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    This city in Utah may sound like a surprise for this list, but it’s steadily becoming a leader in technology and computers. Plus, there’s nature abound in Salt Lake City, so it’s a nice place to go for travelers who want to do business and then go hiking immediately.

    Salt Lake City lands at #70 on Business Travel News’s list of ranked per diems:

    Hotel: $165.16

    M&I: $80.40

  7. Louisville

    time and expense reporting in Louisville

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    With major medical science companies, Louisville can become an essential place for business travelers in that industry. This Kentucky city offers lots to do outside of meetings, including the Louisville Mega Cavern and the Kentucky Derby Museum (along with plenty of distilleries).

    Louisville lands at #53 on the list of per diems ranked by Business Travel News:

    Hotel: $177.17

    M&I: $79.62

  8. Las Vegas

    time and expense reporting in Las Vegas

    Image Credit: Pixabay

    Las Vegas has become one of the country’s top places for conferences, but it’s also a leader in publishing and manufacturing industries. With plenty of museums and extreme activities (like indoor skydiving and a machine gun shooting range), there’s also the opportunity to see some nature at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. Business travelers are sure to find something to do in this busy city.

    Las Vegas brings up back up to the top of the list of ranked per diems at #36:

    Hotel: $256.63

    M&I: $111.36

  9. Portland

    time and expense tracking in Portland

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Oregon offers this city of renewable energy and education/research. Visitors have to be sure to take advantage of both the access to nature (like the Japanese and Chinese Gardens) and the unique food & wine. There’s even a brewery bike tour in additional to other wine-tasting tours.

    Portland brings us up back up a bit more on the list of ranked per diems. It comes in at #26:

    Hotel: $202.73

    M&I: $101.26

  10. Denver

    field service time tracking in Denver

    Image Credit: Flickr

    With plenty of companies in the electronics, technology, & food/agriculture industries, Denver is becoming an ever more essential place to do business. Travelers should be sure to enjoy the outdoor activities like the 15-Mile Canyon Road Test Drive and the art galleries. There’s also the interesting food and drink tours to try out (like the Haunted Evening Denver Pub Tour).

    Denver brings us up a bit more on the Business Travel News list of ranked per diems to #21:

    Hotel: $205.48

    M&I: $105.40


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